The Studio

The Studio

Hugues Losfeld created the Studio in 2008. It is located in North East France, in the town of Oeuilly, in the district of Laon. Hugues currently works across France and around the world. The Studio's expertise stays true to the ancient techniques influenced by the 18th century. These techniques can authentically reproduce and realistically interpret different periods and materials can be meticulously mimicked.

Oil paints

We mainly use linseed oil-based paints, which are both natural and traditional. We obtain colours and shades by adding natural pigments. Oil-based paint has been widely used for some time on historical monuments because of its longevity.

The size of linseed-oil molecules (50 times smaller than those of synthetic resins) penetrate the medium better. Oil paint also disperses well and it lets the medium breathe, and any moisture in the wood can evaporate. This type of paint does not contain resins, not even natural resins, which is why the paint disperses more readily. It does not flake, nor blister and it retains its elasticity for a long time. It is slow drying and it can simply be cleaned with a damp sponge once dry. Besides the advantage of colour, the smell of linseed oil will enhance the warm atmosphere of your room.

... and Hog Bristle Brushes

For the paints to work well, the painter's stroke is key. Here at the Hugues Losfeld Studio we never use rollers, but prefer to work with hog bristle brushes.
To apply paints we use brushes and spalters.
To smooth, stencil glaze and apply material effects we use codtail and badger hair brushes.

 We are experts in :

Restoration of decorative painting - Creation - Reproduction
Patina - Ornamentation
Faux wood and marble
Trompe l'oeil - Panorama
Grisaille - Grotesque
Gold leaf gilding

In the manner of 18th-Century Studios

The Hugues Losfeld Studio embraces the methods used in the 18th century: behind a master, several decorative painters work together. Hugues Losfeld works with painters whom he trains in his techniques and identity.

At the beginning of each project, it is Hugues Losfeld who defines and designs the drawings or material effects.

Once on site, Hugues will personally prepare the different pigment dosages to reach the optimal shade and he will also undertake to paint the expressive or noble effects of the decorations.

All project timescales and the hallmark "Atelier H.Losfeld" are guaranteed.


Hugues Losfeld has always loved beautiful things that enliven and enhance interiors. His desire to balance and harmonise these elements led him to drawing, developed his imagination and sparked dreams.

He undertook studies at the Van der Kelen and Logelain Higher Institute of Painting in Brussels. This prestigious and well-known establishment was created in 1882 and is the only school to teach the ancient techniques of decorative painting. It was here that Hugues followed intensive technical training, while developing his sense of observation and mastery of the craft. On completion of his studies in 2008, Hugues was awarded a silver medal and he went on to found his Studio.

Today, he continues to paint and develops his business by training new decorative painters in his Studio.

His teams

Over the years, the studio has put together a team, of highly- qualified technically-skilled professionals.

They have all been trained to the highest-standards and meet the same technical excellence in a variety of disciplines: decorative painters, restorers, artists etc. Our dedicated team allows us to best meet the expectations and sometimes demanding requests of our clients.

Hugues Losfeld nevertheless remains the sole guarantor, designer, executor and main creator of each project.

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