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Material effect

This is often confused with 'trompe l'oeil'. It is in actual fact created by manipulating paint mixtures to imitate natural materials such as wood, marble, stone, velvet, etc. without determining any particular perspective, just providing pure and simple ornamentation.

Some traditional examples of material effect are, but not limited to :

– a marbled fireplace surround,
– faux wood effects on a door,
– de la fausse pierre dans un hall d’entrée,
– faux marbling in a stairwell

Sometimes, we can even achieve :

– a stucco column in faux marble,
– an imitation "moulding" to complement the faux wood ("trompe l'oeil" effect)
– an imitation moulding around a ceiling light ("trompe-l'oeil" effect)
– a faux velvet drapery: silk etc.

Marble and wood both have countless varieties and species. All of them can be imitated.

The apogee of decorative art is that marble can be invented by using visible and expressive brushstrokes to create new viens. This marble is produced solely for aesthetic and ornamental purposes, a little like a theatre set. Hugues Losfeld is a fervent admirer of this kind of marble.


Over time parts of ancient monuments can completely fade, woodwork chips off, stairwells lose pieces of marble and ceiling decorations can disappear. We don't wish to restore the visible motifs but create them from scratch or recreate them from photographs, archives or any remaining sections. This is what we at the Studio call reproduction.

When it is not possible to consult archives, Hugues Losfeld will use his own records and experience to suggest work in keeping with the style of the building.


The aim here is to repair work while remaining faithful to the original.

The preliminary phase of the restoration is essential and we begin by establishing a diagnosis. We take note of the typology of the materials, the state of degradation and the paint used in order to adapt the technique and put together a bespoke team of experts.

Great care is taken in the restoration of murals to keep as much as possible of the original decoration. We work with minimal, reversible and non-invasive methods. We do not consider restoration as a rejuvenation but as a means to retain the aesthetic ideals of the period.

Artistic creations

Hugues Losfeld creates tailormade projects to bring your visions to life. From the outset of each project, we must define :

– The area where the work is to be done: a hallway wall, a dining room wall, a door top, a fireplace overmantel, a coffered ceiling, a folding screen, a piece of furniture, etc. For each project, allowances must be made regarding setback or viewing angle. Adapting the subject of the drawing and the dimensions is also important.

  • – The type of medium you want - painting directly on a wall or on a mounted canvas to be hung on a wall.
  • – The exact size of the project.
  • – The style you envisage - Hugues is able to paint "in the manner of" ( a painter or an era) without actually copying a painting. peindre « à la manière » (d’un peintre, d’une époque…).

To best envision your wishes you should try to put aside any predetermined ideas and be guided by the well-honed designs offered by Hugues.

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